$100 ( labor 1.75 hours) (materials $20) added 14 storage containers, got rid of all empty/expired containers and did labeling.

$650 4 hours (labor $350) (materials $298) we did 2 separate bedrooms closets, basic color coordination, switched all shirts from wire hangers to over 140 non-slip suede hangers, added 36 extra brown suit hangers, one additional tie rack for 50 plus ties, organized drawers/belts/shoes, gathered two bags of cleaners clothing to be dropped off and hauled away 2 bags of donations. 


$255  (labor 3.5 hours) ($45 materials) added one closet doubler rod, over 100 hangers, one storage container, one space bag, folded clothing in drawers, did basic color coordination, got rid of one trash bag and hauled away one bag of donations.

New Services 

  1. Pick up, drop off, wash and fold 2 laundry bags 15-20 pounds/10-18 gallon bags/30-45 items $165-$175 monthly. 
  2. Pick up, drop off, wash and fold 2 laundry bags 15-20 pounds/10-18 gallon bags/30-45 items plus put away $185-$195 monthly.
  3. Pick up cleaner items and dropped off to preferred cleaners 15-35 items $45.
  4. Pick up cleaner items, drop-off to preferred cleaners, plus a return drop-off $95.
  5. Pick up cleaner items, drop-off to preferred cleaners, return drop off, plus put away 15-35 items $120.  
  6. Mail sorting $25-35 per hour.

$290 (labor 3 hours) (materials $125) We added 4 shelves, added over 100 hangers, basic color coordination, got rid of 1 trash bag, and hauled way 1 bag of donations. 

$550 (10 hours labor) ( material $50) hauled away 6 garbage bags, 4 bags of donations, organized office, did labeling, got rid of all expired products, concealed as well as consolidated items threw out the whole house. 

$715 11 hours added one closet rod, folded all clothing in draws, hauled away 8 bags of donations, got rid of 4 bags of trash, did color coordination, organized shoes, added 2 clear storage containers one for important documents and one for baseball caps, added 100-150 plastic white hangers. This is one of our recurring clients. 1-2 times a month we pick up and drop back off clothing going to cleaners, put everything away including clean laundry for only $175 per month. 

$265 (4.5 hours labor) (materials $30) added one closet rod, did basic color coordination, added 100 white plastic hangers, hauled away 2 bags of donations,  went threw all draws, folded all clothing, and matched all socks. 

$110 (labor 1.5 hours) we got rid of all expired can foods/vitamins/herbs/and spices, put items in category and added one large clear storage container.  

  • Customer responsible for providing laundry detergent.
  • Customer responsible for counting items.
  • laundry time will take approximately 3.5-4.5 hours.
  • Sock matching extra $15.
  • Preferred cleaners within a 2.5 mile radius from home/pick up address.
  • Customer responsible for cleaner charges, due prior to pick up.
  • Indira Designs Inc use Ideal cleaners located in Oakland.